Hi everybody, I had been looking for a new acoustic guitar for fingerpicking. Initially I wanted to settle on a seagull S6 untill I heard some good things about the 000 size guitars for fingerstyle playing (or auditorium guitars). I went down to the local store and tried the martin 000-15 and I decided that I like it. But the problem is that martins are too expensive for me.

Is there anything nice and cheap 000 guitars that are not more than $500? I could find only two which are the washburn f10s and Blueridge BR-43. I didn't have a chance to try any of them because they aren't available in the stores and had to be ordered online. Are they any good? And are there anything good recommendations? Thanks
I would try the Vintage V300 for a decent little guitar. Total Guitar named it their "acoustic of the year under $1000"