i have a zoom 505II pedal
im connecting some headphones directly to it.
theres a EQ thing, im new to it and im not quite sure how to use it
im trying to get this settings on it

Treble : 8
Bass : 3
Mids : 4

heres what the manual says::

4Band EQ (4 band equalizer)
allows boost or cut in the bass/mid/high presence band, you can select one out of 50 patterns (01-50)

*01-10: lower values result in attenuated highs and emphasized lows.
*11-20: Lower values result in lower emphasized frequency.
*21-24: Lower values result in emphasized midrange.
*25: Flat charateristics
*26-30: Higher values result in emphasized highs.
*31-40: Higher values result in higher emphasized frequency.
*41-50: Higher values result in emphasized presence and lows.

i have no idea what attenuated, emphasized or presence means.

Please help
Those "settings" will be rough amp settings - also chances are they won't sound anything like the sound you're aiming for as they'll only really apply if you're using the same amp as the artist in question. The Zoom EQ wotks in a completely different way so you can't really copy those settings with it, it has preset EQ curves from the looks of it so you'll just have to experiment.

I'd guess from the looks at that you want to be mucking around with 26-30, but it's completely irrelevant unless everything else is the same or similar ie. amp, volume, gain level, outboard effects.

And seriously, if you don't know what those words mean google them, you're on the internet ffs...
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Say you have a treble knob or something, emphasizing is like turning the knob up, attenuating is like turning it down. Presence is higher than treble (ie. say you've got bass, then mid, then treble, after that is presence).
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Yea that happened on my Zoom 606. You want to put it in the high range (26-40)
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I only use my Zoom 606 as a tuner now, I really should sit down and try and make some decent patches, However it is a bit too 'digital' sounding.

As for the EQ go for anything above flat, but not too high.
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