I was wondering if anyone has the game Joint operations: Typhoon rising and also the expasnion pack joint operations: escalation. I remeber playing this game a couple years ago until i deleted it because it took alot of room up. Well it's a sunday and i miss the game. However the last time i tried loading it up on my computer I had difficulties and i've heard someone else have difficulties trying to load it up. Does anyone still play the game and does anyone know if it still works?

i just installed typhoon rising but it says i need to update and whenver i try it says i cant anyone know a solution?
I was planning on buying that game. It looks pretty good. what's it like?
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From what i can remeber its amazing, huge range of guns huge range of maps. I want to go see what it's like again, i want to see how many people still play it. If you are gonna get it get typhoon rising with the expansion pack because the expansion pack is good aswell.

Does anyone have any idea how i could update it.

i tried using novalogic site and i tried to do it through the game.

any ideas and i would be greatful
damn i used to love that game, then i had troubles updating it and i couldn't play it anymore
Quote by rabidguitarist
I was planning on buying that game. It looks pretty good. what's it like?

It's a very fun first person shooter.
Its online so your playing with a lot of people and sometimes those people act very retarded.
But that doesn't take too much away from the gameplay.
I used to play it a while back but now I don't really play video games anymore.
But its still worth the buy.