i understand the reason for using your little finger, especial when playing scales and heaps and heaps of chords, but i personally find it much more comfortable using just my third finger instead when i improvise or play solos. is this a huge flaw in my technique? how important is it to use the 'correct' fingering?
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It's not a flaw. I did it for two years.

But if you're into shred, or anything will ball-kicking solos, you'll NEED your little finger. It's like having one less string on your guitar if you're without it.

It feels wierd at first, granted, but you need to stick with it. The most common way to include it in your playing is just to use it in everything you play, even if it means an awkward hand position. This way, it gets used to being used, as most little fingers are rather weak, they need to built up constantly.

Once you can use it confidently, you'll wonder how you ever got on without it.

EDIT: There is no 'correct' fingering however. It's entirely what feels comfortable.
tbh, I don't agree with TheDarkestNights...

When I play solos (I focus on children of bodom) I only use my little fingure at a minimum ammount, in some solo's I don't actually use it...

There is no "right or wrong" method when playing a guitar... it's all about your own style and how you feel comfortable...

I would reccomend learning to use your little fingure, but it is not an essential key to learning guiar, all it will do is make it easy to hit a few frets
give that pinky some scale work. I thought my pinky was retarted, because it would stretch out in a very rigid manner - hence the retartedness. Now I can play with my pinky ^^
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I'm guessing you avoid using your little finger because it's the weakest one, but if you resolve to work it into shape, you'll be rewarded with much more comfort while playing.
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