Ok I must admit I feel terribly ignorant since joining UG. Before I thought "Yeah of course I know music yeaaahh!!1!1 I can listen to rock and rap so I know everything!1!!11" eesh. I want to listen to more of the classics that helped make music what it is today. So if you could suggest a few of the most well known/influential classics I will love you forever.

Rhi xxx
Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon
King Crimson- In the Court of the Crimson King
Genesis- A Trick of the Tail
The Alan Parsons Project- I Robot
Renaissance- Turn of the Cards
Queen- A Night at the Opera
Supertramp- Breakfast in America
The Beatles- Abbey Road
Steely Dan- Aja
Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin IV
Michael Jackson- Thriller
Cat Stevens- Tea for the Tillerman

Hey, sometimes classic is cliche.
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In the future dude, read the stickies. You'll get TONs of ideas from these two threads right here:

Official Classic Rock Reccomendation thread *1*
Official Classic Rock Album Review Project

Between those two threads, you will get more ideas than you could in probably two weeks here. So go there, and read the Album of the Weeks too. Those are also stickied right at the top of the page.

Sorry if I come off as a dick man, but those were designed with threads like these in mind. I'm not asking you to read every single review and band posted in there, but you will get plenty of ideas reading it. If you're serious about getting some classics (and obscure music that is just flat out incredible), then those are the places to be.
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