Hi, ive discovered compared to many other guitars and strats in general, when doing any kind of bend on my strat, it is very stiff and hard to do, and often times i result in breaking a high e string. this also makes my playing a lot slower and my harmonics sloppier. Is this because of my intonation maybe? i just had it setup. any help appreciated.
Was it like that before the setup?
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i dont know man, my strat is really comfortable for bends, and they come off easy. what kind of strat is it?
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Put Ernie Ball Super Slinkies on the guitar and then try doing the bends and pinch harmonics.
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Put Ernie Ball Super Slinkies on the guitar and then try doing the bends and pinch harmonics.

i agree i use those and there my favorite strings
yeah my strat bends better then my dads les paul, and i play mediums, so there not like those super slinky kind of strings that bend when you breath on them.
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It's all in how you wind your strings. If you wrap it around the pegs a good number of times your strings will have more "room" to bend. But if you pull it tight then wrap the string you will have stretched out the string as far as it will go and they will be very tight. Also what gauge are you using?
Well i use GHS boomers. My strat is actually comprised froma few different strats, neck from a mexican fat strat and the body from a dean z autograph with different p/us. Anyway im using 9s right now, i was using 10s but thats why i switched to 9s in the first place and nothing happened.
No i havent checked the intonation, thats what i was wondering, do you think that could be the problem?

Haha, nah it just looks like an ordinary strat now. The dean was pretty much a strat copy.
Personally for me, the size of the frets plays a bigger factor when it comes to bending. My fingers tend to slip off the strings a lot when i bend on a strat with small frets. Extra jumbo frets feels better to me when it comes to bending.
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yeah check it .you need to start eliminating possibliltities. cause if the inotation is out than that usuallty means the bridge or neck or both need to be reajusted. possibly the guy who set it up did a bad job or overlooked something
and if it is good than i guess you will have to go talk to the guyb who set it up to see wht he did and why that is
Strats are not the easiest guitars to bend on. A lot of Gibson and PRS guitars have short scales which makes the easier to bend. Flatter necks make it easier to bend too. So if you are used to playing guitar with flat neck radiuses or short scales then that is probably why all strats seem hard to bend on.

On the other hand, you shouldn't be breaking that many strings. I use 12's and my strat and I can bend the high E up one and a half steps and I have never broken a string doing the bends. If I'm not breaking strings with what I'm doing then you shouldn't be breaking them either. Are the strings always breaking in the same place? Where?
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I would check for a mechanical defect such as a sharp saddle or improper neck-to-body joint. Strats are generally very easy to bend on. I push and pull my strings half an inch or more in either direction and I have yet to break one ( I have a Strat.)
See whats wierd is that i do it the opposite way to that guide as i find it stays in tune much longer and doesn't snap anywhere near as much.

Since i started wrapping the string around the peg and then winding through i havent broken a string in about a year and a half, whereas when i did it before i snapped about 3 in a short space of time.

I find that increasing action helps with bends too. Dont have your action really low because it makes bending a nightmare, especially with pretty tense strings. Try raising it a little if you can and see if its any better. Of course, rusty strings are also much harder to bend than newer ones, so maybe see if its any easier after a re-string at some point.

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My strat 0.9's did some real good bends but the ones on my new Ibanez suck. I used Fender 0.9's for the record
Let's set the record straight.

Thank you to the earlier poster who pointed out that bends depend on scale. Gibson-scale guitars that are 24.75" have less tension when tuned the same as a Fender-scale guitar at 25.5", therefore they are easier to bend on.

To a lesser extent radius also affects bends. Generally speaking, a larger neck radius makes bends easier. Some people also say that jumbo frets and higher action help, but from a personal standpoint I don't feel the difference.

Another huge factor is string gauge and age. If your strings are blackened pretty bad then obviously it shall be harder to bend. It might also help to switch to a lower gauge. I play 10s on my LP copy so that my fingers don't get excessively out of shape... and it's still pretty simple. I prefer 9s on Strat scale guitars when I get a chance to play them for the lower tension however.
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That website you said can be useful for me too. I also have a pretty strange problem with my Les Paul. I can bend up to 1 1/2 steps all strings except the high E, which I can only bend about 1/2 step without breaking it (I use D'Addario 10's, so no problem of quality). Have to try that winding xDD Thx!
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