Been learning to play guitar for about 8 months, my gear is; ARIA MAC55 and a VOX AD30VT. Thinking of changing the stock pups in the Aria to a set of Zakk Wylde EMG's. What I would like to know is, would there be much difference in tone/sound? Also, got a BOSS MT-2 on its way in the post.
I dont like emgs or any active pickups. they sound unnatural and you have to change the batterys when they run out. Get some decent passive pickups, some kind of dimarzio's or bare knuckles maybe for the same price as emg's?

Bare knuckles own.
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The reason I am looking at the EMG Zakk wylde set, is that I can get them off E-bay for $186 plus $15 shipping to the uk. That works out at about £96. Good enough reason I think.
First thing to do is prepare to send the pedal back and get your money back because...

a) It won't work particularly well with your amp, and..
b) it's gash anyway

The most useful pedal you could invest in would be an EQ.

EMG's work best through a tube amp, you'd be better off with decent passives with a modeller, but even then you get minimal improvement. You only really get the full benefit of pickup changes with conventional amps.
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the zak wylde pickups will sound way way better considering the pickups in your guitar now are worth about 2 cents. but the pickups in your guitar seem to be passive, and if you want to put active in you may have way more work then you think cut out for you, like SAMHEARN said, your probly gonna have to route room for the battery and extra stuff.
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Honestly, it is a waste of money. You would hardly notice a differance, and I dont really think putting pickups that cost more than half of what the guitar costs is the smartest thing to do either. If you drop a diamond in a pile of ****, its still a pile of ****, just looks a little more classy. Not that your guitar is bad, or your amp is bad, but you could buy a tube amp if you saved for a few more weeks or months. Then you would notice a HUGE differance in tone. Even a blues junior, Pro junior, crate v8, valve junior, etc would give huge improvements to your cleans and classic rock, blues, indie, punk, even metalish stuff with a overdrive pedal.
Generally for someone only playing for 8 months I would think changing pickups is a little premature. NOT being disrespectful but unless you have made enormous progess it is too soon. The best upgrade you can make would be to get a tube combo. That way if you decide to change pickups later on you will be able to hear a difference.