Okay. I want your craziest 'shroom stories...

Don't try to act like a little "straight edge" kid either, because you know you've tried them..

To start off..

I thought a nazi skeleton army was chasing me and i stabbed my friend with a butter knife in self protection..
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Word on the street is, this girl called axel i think it was, spent the night in a disused barn eating owls.
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Yeah, but I sing like an amputee though.
'Cause. Can't hold a note, can't carry a tune.
ahhh the only drug thread buddy but since im here, I was really just screwing around listening to the mars volta, the lights were moving and the walls were melting, at around 2:30 am i went to a holiday gas station and climbed the salt bags in front and began to sing "Message in a Bottle" and yeah then I took some another time and just played disc golf.

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what did you're friend do after you stabbed him?
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Seriously man, I've never tried them.
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Well I thought I was surrounded by spiders. So I fought desperately to kill them all by punching the floor around me. I woke up with a broken hand.

Good times.
Bah everyone knows that mushrooms make you go mental and kill anyone you can find. And then you jump off a building thinking you can fly....
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