well if you're writing a song based on a mode, what exactly makes it specific to that mode? like if i wrote a song in c# phrygian, it would have the same notes as A major, and the chords i got from it would still be the chords in the key of A major, so what do i have to do to make the song specifically in c# phrygian?
feel free to get deep into it if it needs doing, just don't do something that's going to blast my perception of modes to hell.
The sound. Phrygian has a very dark sound.
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well the difference between phrygian and ionain(major) is teh b2, b3,b6,b7 so you would want to emphasize those intervals.
you would want to use C#min7 quite a bit cause thats the chord that phrygian occurs in
It has the same notes as A yes, but you're using C# as root basically... Takes effort not using the scales in an acustomed way and trying to get a mood.
*shrugs* I don't know...
Outline chords that use the modes unique intervals. Like with Phrygian, it's the only mode with a b2(5) and a perfect 5th. Use chords with b9s, b7s, and b3s too.