alright well i plan on buying a new guitar but im not sure what i want i mostly play metal but i want an all around guitar for less than 400
save more money trust the difference between a 400 and 700 is big sometimes even 700 to 1000
if u play metal, and want an all round guitar, get the guitar I have

Ibanez RG370DX

i got mine for £235, and its perfect

although, if you did as sublime says and save a bit more, you cn buy an s470

i kinda wish I'd save
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Can someone give me a few pros and cons of string lube?

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u can use it for buttsecks..

don't cheap out i have on my last guitar i payed 290cnd for my gsa60 and it is ok but it is deffinetly no s470 and i wish i had saved more and bought a nicer one
Check out your local pawn shops, you'd be surprised what you can find there. I picked up an ESP M-55 for $80.00, invested in some EMG pickups for $160.00, and invested some time into cleaning up the neck and body, new strings, and voila... a really kickass metal guitar for less than $300.00.