I have a schecter c1 elite for sale. It comes with graph tech saddles for increased sustain and string life as well as the original saddles. It has a few blemishes on it but really a beautiful players guitar. Asking $275.00. Email me with questions and for pics. Thanks.

Yes. Photographs?
Daron. The Pit loves you.
daron aka kosmic is now a pit legend
Best post on the pit. Good for you.
thats pretty epic.
So you're like a slower paced Forrest Gump...
i just bought jimirizz's
great ax, really f'in smooth.
this should go quick!
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FFFDFEFRFKFFF,jeremylp,atreyurock9, noahfor, Vangkm, Used666, and sgtshak- great sellers/traders!!