This is my first post here, I am looking for feedback. I like to write so I will post more soon. thanks
"no point- ruby red"
It's the end I can see it now

she said with ruby red lips and a faded smile

It's the end of the world

and we don't care now

after all the bombs have fallen

sweet silence the night

will we survive to see dawn?

all her dreams are washed away

faded cold bloated and gray

the lies flow from her lips

behind a reassuring smile

left in a world of the dead

hidden in denial

will we live to see the dream

this dream i dreamt for you and i

or will we hide behind your ruby red lips

and faded smiles to realize theres no truth left in denial

honestly if it's the end let it be

I'd rather die than be part of this machine

life is so much more than it seems to be

theres no point to suffering

she swears to me

i guess I'll wait and see