The past few days I've been doing something that i learned how to do from bandondrury on the recordingreview.com forum. I just want to say before hand that before this I would usually record my mesa on about 3 because any louder than that is just overkill so my guitars never soundedd good. I built a guitar fort around my guitar cab. I took the head off and sat it down as far from the cab as i could and proceded to find a good micing position for my cab with a 57. Then i covered the whole area with blankets, pillows, bathmats, matresses, and pieces of anyother fluffy furniture in my house. I then proceded to turn on my amplifier... to 10! Thats right. I have my mesa on 10 for recording and i have the channel gain on my red channel on about 3 because i now had power tube drive. I could barely even hear the amp!! So i put my headphones on and i listened to the sound of the amp through those and wow! Best sound I ever had, but it could be better. So now what i had the option of doing is listening to how the eq on my amp corrilated with exactly what was comming out of my headphones and it was as easy as that. Its probably ALOT better then the recordings i've heard on here from people who have recorded in studios. Try it.
(I wrote this here because you are all probably recording guitars at home and you should know this.)
well yeah, the line out is usally eq'd a bit, so it sounds different and imo, a much more fuller sound but nice post, i wouldnt have thought it would be better on higher end amps but sweet .