I've really been lookin into revamping the way I play and really just try to get out of this rut I've been in. So I saw some clips of Paul Gilbert's instructional video and really like the way he teaches and wanted to know which is the best one to get?
i liked his young guitar he did with GOOMY and the other young gutiar he did with marty friendman

His terrifying guitar trip one is great also
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The intense rock with Down to mexico at the start helped me a lot I'm guessing it wasnt the whol video but the 10 min segment i saw helped me control my picking suprisingly!
Intense rock 1&2 imo is his best. But all of them will help you grow as a player. You can go to youtube and watch clips from pretty much all of them so that way you can get an idea of which one you might like the best.
Here's a pretty long segment from intense rock II.

It's funny, but on top of that he explains something very important a lot of people forget, dynamics!

But yeah, watch clips and try to decide which one you like best. Personally I really like intense rock II and terrifying guitar trip. Both have cool licks, but also good advice to develop as a player and be versatile (dynamics, speed ain't everything, etc )
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