I recently found this Doom/Folk Metal band from Chile. They're called Uaral...and no I don't know how to pronounce it. However, I do know that their music is totally awesome. However, the vast majority of their songs are acoustic, and are without drumming. The vocals range from a melancholic clean style, to a beastly funeral/death growl. Personally, I love their music, and find it utterly peaceful. Check 'em out, por favor.

By the way, if you like 'em, go look for some torrents or use Soulseek...that's what I did/do when I don't know where to get actual CDs.


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half as good as empyrium

Never listened to Empyrium, but they must be amazing because I think these guys are pretty good.

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does anybody have a sitar?
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you have to buy them from george harrison. He owns all of them
i'm proud 'cause i'm chilean and Uaral is one of my favorite bands . They are from the south... and yes "THE KORNMAN" , their music is so peaceful...

(sorry if my english sucks ^^')
Think I made a thread on them not too long ago. The music is brilliant - very depressing haha. Not a huge fan of the monotonous growling vocals during the acoustic passages though.