I've been playing for a while now and lately I've been having some problems with my pull offs. I never really learned to do them right and now I'm trying to break some bad habits and get them to sound perfect.
Does anyone know any really good practice exercises that will help me with pull offs ecspecialy 2 simultaneous pull offs example below


Thanks for any help
just go like this on the high e string. helps speed and endurance

1h2p1h3p1h4p1 and move that up chromatically
make sure u pull downward
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don't know of any exercises but make sure that rather than just pulling straight off the string pull so your finger goes toward the floor a little bit so you get that extra plucking sound.
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And play the excercises at various strings, not only the hi e, or else you'll be ripping at hi e and suck at the rest ;-)
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