i saw on the tab for soundgarden's jesus christ pose and on it it said that there was a 28th fret to be played.

is there such thing as a 28 fretted guitar? (or one with more?)
I dont think ive ever seen soundgarden use a 28 fret guitar, even when they play it live. I think it is suppose to be a harmonic that is located of the fretboard.
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the Caparison Horus has 27 frets, it's f-in badass, i want one so bad.

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The most likely thing is that someone tabbed it wrong, unless it's a natural harmonic.
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Probably used the 28th fret because he couldnt tab out the correct pitch for a Pinch Harmonic.
Why would that even be helpful?

If I had the option, I would just make it up to 36 frets, so you have a 5 octave range in the guitar...That would rock.
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BC rich makes one
its probably using a octaver or a whammy pedal
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you think 36 frets is great, but it's so hard to play the frets are miniscule lol
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Or you could perhaps use a slide to getit, might be overkill for just one note though.
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If it's an actual note to be played, not like a Harmonic or anything, just bend that 24th fret like there's no tomorrow. If you have a 21/22 Fret Guitar... Then it's time to make your own section up.
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