Lol I dunno what to say...my bassist/drummer sent me a GP file and a couple riffs and wanted me to put it all together. It isn't a serious thing, just something fun to write...I can't play the solos haha so I dunno I just threw some notes in...i thought it was interesting
Song 23.zip
That is awesome. Even if you can't play it. That is a bit class. I'm loving the intense fiddle solo. The drums are a little bit insane too.
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That was intense! Great job. Millions of creativity points for the fiddle, not to mention it sounded awesome. The change to a country feel was well thought out. Sounded really southern. The main theme was fun to listen to. Drums were extremely crazy and well backed by some great fiddling, if thats wat its called. The solos seemed like they couldve used some melodic parts instead of straight shredding, but still keeping the speed and intensity. The transition from the lead ii solo to the fiddle presolo didnt sound to clean but the change back to the hard feel from country sounded great. I like how the bridge was kinda "start-stop." I think it complemented the previous continual solos. kindof a well placed break i guess. The chorus' were okay. but they werent nearly the best part, and in my mind a chorus should be the most memorable, next to the solo of course haha, but thats the only thing that really bothered me. Very creative and well written. congrats on a great song.

crit mine? its rough but id like your opinion after hearing how musically talented you are, .

That was awesome! The main theme was awesome, as well as all the solos. Really fun to listen to.
Oh Shit!
Haha the only person i know that plays a violin/fiddle is at church...and shes like a grandma hah so i doubt she'd play it. But yea thanks
Awesome bleedin' song. I loved the first pre-solo and the solos, and the drums were great. The staccato in the chorus didn't sound good to me, though...

By the way, I used to play the violin when I was 8 (it was a fashion of sorts for your kid to be a violin prodigy, and my parents yielded to it), if I hadn't discovered computers, I probably would've been able to play that by now xD
aww man, i totaly loved that.
I think its the best song i'we heard here for a long time.
And it got a lot to do with the fiddle.
But your riffs were good and the solos were great.
And that intens fiddle solo was wicked sick.
Your intro and... yeah every riff here was great.

Loved the whole piece.
Freakin Great Work!!!