I need help with picking out a name for my band. We will be playing a wide range of rock from led zeppelin, ac/dc, rhcp, blink 182, etc. And later we will also be making originals that fall into the alternative rock category. We have a bassist, a drummer, a guitarist, and we are currently looking for a singer. So it will be a 4 person band. Does anyone have any ideas for a name? I was thinking of something like:

Pedal Point (too cheesy i think)

So give me a lot of ideas to work with guys! Thanks!
Ok i just found out that someone on myspace music already has the name backdrop so i don't think we should use that.
What do you guys think is the better alternative/rock name?

1. Wake Up Venus

2. Chance to Break

3. Lose to Win
Wake Up Venus is the best of the three, its a pretty good name. I dont really like the other 2.
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