Heya guys, I'm looking to buy this tuner, and I want to know, can it tune acoustics that cannot plug in? Like it can tune, I dont know how to say this "properly", but through a little microphone, it can wirelessly tune my acoustic? Also, tuners on an effects board usually go FIRST, meaning I plug my electric say into the tuner, and the rest of the effects are AFTER the tuner? Thanks!

It doesn't have a built-in mic, so you'd have to get a different model. I think the stroboflip has one. Tuners usually go first in the effects chain.
If you still want the strobostomp (I own the first one), and you dont have a pickup in your acoustic, than you can use either the external microphone or clip-on/suction cup pickups they have.

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With the Boss TU-2, how do you use them "Bypass" output? How does this work, and what does it do? How would you set it up? Thanks
the bypass output just means that, when you switch the tuner on, your sound doesn't get muted. in that mode you could just leave the tuner on the entire time while you're playing.
The Boss TU-2 does not compare to the Peterson. I have a TU-2 but I don't use it anymore, I tune to all kinds of different tunings and the Boss is not very friendly with that.

I now use a Sabine STX-1100 most of the time. Half the price and very friendly with alternate tunings.
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