How is it that some people manage to get guitars cheaper than the sticker price? What do you ask/do about getting the price lowered? I'd like to know as I may want to try this when I go to the guitar store later this month.
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I ask the guy, what is the best he can do on the price, he gives me a number and then we negotiate from there. If your good enough at it you can get them to knock a ****load of money off and throw in some extra things.
one - know the people that work where you go, if they like you, they can knock the price down ( always good to have the hookup)

two - pay cash and you'll save some money too (cash is king baby)

three - buy a damaged product ( thats sounds weird, but with a lot of ding and dent specials you cant even tell the product is damaged and you can save $$$$$)

thats my advice
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Just haggle mate. Be like "wow, 500...I can't really afford that, it's a bit overpriced. I do like it though, how about you call it 350?" "no way, 450 minimum" "hmmm, nah, I can't go over 400" "420 is the best we can do" "throw in a gig bag and you're on".

Just like that.
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well sometimes if you are looking long enough and get talking with one of the guys there he'll lower the price a bit. they'll usually ask your price range and if a certain guitar is a little out they might knock off 50 bucks and or throw in some stuff like a strap or strings or whatever. usually you just need to seem like you really like it but you arent quite sure about the price. they always tell me they can knock at least 50 bucks off. sometimes more depending. i dont go guitar shopping a whole lot so i dont know about many tricks to lower price. some people have said they lower price just because they played the music they like.
well where I buy all of my gear there are to big guitar stores competing so I aways goes to music stop and asks the price on the piece of equipment and then I tells the guy I'm going to go over to music city to see what there price is and he usually will give me so much off. Like when my brother bought his bass amp it was suppose to be like 700 but when we did that he gave it to use for 500n taxes in.
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Yeah, follow the other's advice. Don't take the piss. Say it's a Gibson Les Paul in the sale. they want $800. Don't ask for $600. Chances are they won't want to haggle at all at this point. And the art is getting stuff thrown in, and a little off the price. That way people are less likely to realise what saving they're giving you
Just don't go crazy and ask them to lower the price of a PRS by like $600. you just gotta be somewhat reasonable.

When reasonable doesn't work, nothing says bargain like a kick to the bizzalls.

EDIT: I realize now that the post above says pretty much exactly what I said. But the kick to the bizzalls is still a good suggestion in my book.
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