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im looking for a sweet bass song of just a sweet riff or something to learn. i dont want anything thing real hard but not too easy. any ideas?
Anything by Jamiroquai
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Granted, they're crap, but they're decent.
Schism and 46 & 2 by Tool are awesomely fun to play.

And I think there's a thread or two on this stuff in the bass forum.
Pot by Tool
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Fortune Faded - RHCP

Nothing difficult compared to the rest of Flea's songs, but once you learn it you'll be humming it for weeks.

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Sic Transit Glory - Brand New

: 0 i was going to post that !
nobody give him any songs. i gave him one of my BassPlayer magazines because it had some Tool riffs in it, i gave him one that had "Sweet Child O' Mine", and i'm always like "dude you should learn this song", and he never learns them. he most likely won't learn anything you tell him.
N.I.B. by Black Sabbath
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I Am One-Smashing Pumpkins
Cellphone's Dead-Beck
any Rush.
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: 0 i was going to post that !

and me...

I think we have a winner: Sic Transit Gloria

Brand New > All
Carousel- Blink
Longview, Warning- Green Day
Juicebox - Strokes
Feel Good Inc.- Gorillaz ( might be way too easy, but it's fun, everyone knows it)
Maxwell Murder-Rancid.

Possibly the greatist solo Ever.

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Tonight im going to rock you has a k00l riff
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
Take The Power Back - RATM

Easy little slapping riff there, very easy!

De Montfort Uni
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left behind - operation ivy

hell.. all op ivy is good.. but that is a really sweet little riff, which is what you were asking for..
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I can't stand losing you- The Police.

Roxanne- The Police.

Good bass songs, semi-easy.
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Hysteria by Muse. Go me, go me............

Let me know what ya think!


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Dance, Dance-Fall Out Boy
It's good a good sounding bass line that's simple enough.
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Classical Thump - Voctor wooten
It's a little hard, but it's an amazing song, especially the intro.
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scarified- racer x
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Sugar We're Going Down(Patrick Stump remix)-FOB
It has a really cool sounding bass. A lot better than the regular song.
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Ugh...Fall Out Boy...I would go looking into some Rush, Geddy Lee has some nice bass lines. I like Pulling Teeth (Anesthesia) by Metallica, I've been playing around with that song for a bit, it's pretty good, and as said a few times, Tool has some sick bass lines.
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Juice Box - The Strokes

Cannibal Corpse

Good Golly Gosh!

nice sig...
Cage - Dir en Grey
Has an excellent bass solo.
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