okay, this is the tab, tuning is D, A, F, C, G, D (highest to lowest)

it's played in this video at 1:17
and i just can't seem to get the timing down, he doesn't seem to play the begining with the three 9s, i don't know if he palm mutes them (because none of the tab shows mutes) or something but i can't play this bit.
if someone could post either a slowed down video of it being done or the timing and bpm for it i'd be very greatful.
I think either he or the tab is wrong (he's not all that good so it could be either.)

As far as I can tell, what he's doing is playing the muted A (9th fret on C string) twice then going to that F(12th on the f string).
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the tab is one he wrote so i doubt very much it's wrong, to me it looks a lot like he's doing that too though but i can't seem to make it sound the same
okay, i've managed to work out some more, just need help on the first two 9s now if anyone would be so kind