I was trying to figure out if certain guitars can't change out here pickups, and that's why I came here. So can only certain guitars get new pickups or can they all.

Also if a guitar can get new pickups, does it matter if they are humbuckers or single coils?

Please tell me everything you can about this because I am looking into buying a new guitar, but I'm not sure if the pickups I have in mind ( Rio Grande humbuckers, p-90s, or Motherbuckers, and maybe a fernades sustainer, or dimarzios just to name a few ) will work.
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you can change pickups on basically any guitar
and yea it does matter if its a humbucker or a single coil because some guitars are just routed for Single's and a 'bucker wont fit


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Im sure there is atleast one guitar you cant change the pups in the...but i dont know which one........
If they fit in the hole, You can solder them up, and if theyre active add a battery compartment, you can change em
Well how do you know if a humbucker will fit or not?

Here are SOME of guitars i had in mind of buying and then switching in the pickups, please tell yes if i could put all the pickups in it, no if I can't put any of the pickups in it, and a maybe and tell me which ones work or don't work?

ex. Example Guitar
rio grande - no
p-90s - yes

1. Godin LG
2. Yamaha Pacifica
3. Schecter Tempest custom
4. Hagstrom Ultra Swede
5. Parker Fly ( i wish )
You CAN change pickups on any guitar, it's just that on some u'll have to make the cavity bigger, make new routings, possibly make another compartment (batteries for active pu's), or use some kind of filler to make a cavity smaller (humbuckers to single coils).

There...it's possible, but harder on some guitars.
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I havent seen a guitar yet that cant have its pups changed. I cant stand to see old vintage guitars get new pups. It makes me sick seeing 1980's fenders get 'omgz im gettin seymors' put in. It no longer sounds like the way its ment to...

Anyway rant over, changing pups is a doddle. Most guitars have routings for hummers, dunno why but its the way it goes. If youre going from a single to hummer, remember the pots will need upgraded to 500k's. Its usually just two wires, maybe a 3 which will be a earth and 2 more if its active.
only 1 i cn think of was in this forum recently..a gibby lp supreme..its like covered on the back with no cavity cover etc..just wood..some 1 was askin how to swap out the standards n chuck in emgs... lol
The pickups on ANY guitar are replaceable, it's just a matter of whether or not the pickups you want to replace will fit into the guitar. It all depends on the pickup cavity on the guitar. Wider cavities can fit both humbuckers and single coils (like the pickup cavities on my Stratocaster), but thinner cavities can only fit single coil pickups.

Say the guitar has pickup cavities for 2 single coils and a humbucker. If you wish, you could install a single coil into the humbucker space. But you could not install humbuckers into the single coil spaces, because it would not fit.

However, modern technology has shrunken down humbuckers to fit in single coil slots. It doesn't have the same tone as a standard humbucker, but they sound generally the same (you'd have to play both types side by side to really tell the difference).
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