A sort of pop-punkish song, I guess, with a ska-ish bridge and a facemelting solo. Use the GP5 file if you use RSE, GP4 otherwise. Any comments appreciated.
Oh Shit!
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Hah I must say i was pretty surprised I was actually interested in the first couple seconds of the song...its really catchy
Really brings me back to early teen years hah with Blink 182 and such
I didn't like the ska part...seemed like it kinda interrupted the song
Solo was great...nice and simple but sounds great
Good job, it's hard to get me interested in pop/punk these days
wow. sidewinder was right. the song is extremely catchy. im surprised that main riff hasnt been written yet. it sounded great! i wish i could write a good riff...but anyways not much i can say about the first about a minute or so besides that it was catchy and flowed nicely. the bass also stuck out to me around there. nicely done. the time change didnt flow nicely into the interlude part. i thought it sounded better with the 2/4 time measure taken out, but then it still lacks a perfect flow. but thats just my opinion. if its what you want, keep it. the harmonics at 91-92 sounded really cool, and then the solo, though simple, sounded perfect for the song. the bass solo bit was a great follow up to the solo. and the transition into the main riff again sounded good. the layered guitars at the end worked perfectly, but the end seemed sudden. after listening to it a second time, i could tell what u wanted it to be but it still was a little shaky. might just be me. but thank you for posting my kind of music, . i enjoy a pop punk song. this was well put together, and really catchy like all pop punk songs should be.

mine seems boring compared to yours but could you crit it?

Thanks for the crit on my song.
So as the others said, it was realy catchy'n stuff.
And i agree that the transition to the ska thing didnt flow, and that the whole ska thing didnt realy fit in to the rest of the song.
And the solo was simple and good, but bar 105-107 sounded a little odd to me.
Good transition back to the main riff with the drumstick beat.
And the end was a little sudden. maybee it'll work better if you make that last note to a 4th.
Thanks. I changed the ending to a quarter note and it sounds a lot better. I'll look into writing a new bridge as well.
Oh Shit!
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Oh Shit!
The 'pre intro' perfectly compliments the intro. with that being said, the intro/main riff is sooo awesome. the lead guitar during the verse is put together well. I like the ska bit, but just not in this song, doesnt suit it. solo fits in with the song so good, i especially like bars 101-102 of it. the bassing after the solo works well. couldnt have ended better btu awesome song none the less.