wow its been a while since ive been here..

been looking for a quad box for some time... preferably 412.. jst cos ive always used 12"
which brings me to wonder whether 410 would make a lot of diff

i play mostly modern rock/jap rock/metal sorta stuff

realli ive been eyeing the 1960A or 1960AV (ones with V30s and ones jst marshall cestions right?)

but being in australia they are like 1k+

SO.. my plan now is to jst get any cab and change the speakers when i realli wanna

if i get a 410 cab i'd have to stick with 10' eh...

i'd definitely get an EVJ to go with it.. and a 6505 (but starting to lean towards something marshall now with my new LP)

What yous all think? does the cabinet it self realli matter if i change speakers?
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4x10 cabs are generally used in bass applications, and currently, some fender amps.

If you're into the harder stuff, you'll probably want to go with the 4x12, because it offers more speaker choices for that genre.

I'd avoid any cab made from mdf, and the FM and MG cabs.
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This looks familiar.

And I prefer the cherry flavor, myself.
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