ive been looking at these for a while but i for some reason havent played one even when in reach.

how do they sound???
well mine i just got this christmas and its held up perfect, i love it. Its sounds great for what i play and i mostly play a lot of soundgarden stuff which if you dont know them you should look them up. IT works for all kinds of rock and even some heavy metal stuff depends on the amp though.
I own one and it is my favorite guitar.
If you are looking for more of a rock sound go for the Highway One series
Its what I have.
Well check youtube if you want to hear it yourself, but usually quite a bright sound country depending on what model tele you get.
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Mine is fairly similar to but a bit brighter/twangier than a strat, although the front pickup is still very 'creamy', especially if you roll the tone knob back a bit. I've found mine to be very versatile, but it's probably not the best guitar if you want to play really heavy stuff.
The easy way to describe a Tele's sound is "Twangy" on the bridge and "Smooth" on the neck.
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They sound amazing. Possibly the best guitars I've ever played.

Check the Telecaster Legion thingie for more.

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