i have the same schecter strategy from waynes world just is has a humbuck instead of a single coil at the bridge. anyone know how much this is worth becuase i bought it at a pawn shop and fixed it up. Mine is metalic orange. floyd rose and all just like the picture. Even if someone could tell me the exact model that would be great.



those are the best pics i can find let me know if you have any better one to show people.
can't you see the brand somewhere on it?
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i know the brand i said schecter strategy but idk what model of strategy it is or what year and stuff it isnt one of the new crapy cheap ones
Why not post pics of YOUR guitar; seeing that one doesnt help us determine the year or model of yours.
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well the image is too big to upload so...and i dont have a photobucket

is there anyway to look up the cerial # or something on the back of the neck?
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