How much does GC normally charge to have your action, truss rod, intonation and pickup height adjusted? I have a standard Fender Strat if that makes a difference.
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Its not that hard to setup a guitar, theres some good links on the ole net with guides on how to do it.

Just dont hit the truss rod, get someone to show you how thats done before attempting it.

I hope you dont have a floyd, i *hate* setting up floyds.
^ you have any links for guides to setup guitars? les paul guide would be nice.
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^ you have any links for guides to setup guitars? les paul guide would be nice.

Awe man they're the easiet guitar to setup. I would love to post a link but the 'mods' will probably swoop down and lay some bannage on my black ass.

Google is your friend
I had my Jackson set up for about $65 dollars. Of course, the fact that it has a Floyd Rose makes the cost sour upwards. For a Fender strat, it should be considerably lower than that. (US dollars)
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Words of advice-Learn how to set up your own guitars because then you can tweak the feel to how you like it best, not to what the guitar tech thinks feels good because you know your fingers and preference best.

I used to get my guitars set up for me, then I learned how and i've never sent it anywhere again because I never liked how it was set up and I could do it better myself.
I know how to adjust your action.

Simply take a small allen key and insert it into the respective bridge section (the thing your string rests on at the bridge). This will raise and lower it, bringing the string lower to your liking.
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The GC's where I live don't have techs. Sam Ash does though, as I recall it's 35 bucks for a full setup, but my guitar's all have Floyds. I think it's $25 for a non-Floyd guitar. I generally do most of the maintenence on my guitars but I still bring them in for a setup every year or so. If you play out at all it's not a bad idea, intonation and truss-rod adjustments can be a little tricky. The tech at my Sam Ash is excellent, every time I get my axes back from him they're just tits.
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