Breathe in for luck
But breathe out tonight
Because whats in store
Our luck will run out the door

Take a note
Just a picture or two
Im sick, Im bored
The time just pealed off my skin

you know
This isnt the time
This isnt the time
For your advice
You think
Im going to cave
Im going to cave

My hair it smells
Of lonelyness and treason
I hate myself for that
But when i see
The girl she looks at me
But boy she'll never be with me

You know
This isnt the place
Isnt the place
For mistakes
You think
I dont have a chance
Dont have a chance
Just yesterday

I did

and with bludgeoning eyes
she proceded to stare
Each look she gave
Killed me in the end
but when i stared back
I hit even harder
She started to shake
Like i was a martyr
And thats when the heavens they split
Into a burning fist
And punch out both our eyes
we blindly stare
at the blackness of the air
And with our arms out stretched
we found ourselves tonight
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