Alright, well this is another experimental thing from me. It is pretty weird, but I like that main, bassy riff, I plan on making a real song, out of that. But this was me playing around, firing my squier bullet . I know this wouldn't be a radio hit, but hey, hope someone likes it. Crit for Crit, leave links. Thanks

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Hmm. What to say. The further it goes into the song, the better it gets - the wierdness gets contained by that bassy riff you like so much, and then the little guitar stabs. The sound collage is great, but goes on for too long in the beginning without break. I also wish it would go somewhere - into one traditional breakdown or something. But oh well. It's still a cool bit of experimentin'.

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that was really cool. it had a very spacey/psychedelic feel to it, which i really dug. When the clean guitar chords came in, it almost put off some atonal kind of vibes which was really awesome to hear. I couldn't really find anything wrong with it. I also loved the use of the delay effect in it. 9/10 great job.

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