Hmm, so ive kinda been into tapping lately, and ive wanted to figure this out for the longest time. How would i 'make' some tapping riffs, and how can i tell what key they are in, ect. Like what composes a tap, like how with chords, like 5ths 7ths, ect
Sorry if i confused you, im confused as to how to explain this, lol
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The easiest way is, if you know how to make a chord...Make the chord you want using the E B and G strings, and then just transfer all the notes so that you have them on 1 string. Use your ear if you don't know the notes and all that, and if you can do that without needing to tap, and still want to tap, you can just throw in an octave note for the Root, Fifth, or whatever you are using.
i use a lot of pentatonics, so i do this: say im soloing in the key of A and i want to start tapping. the first position pentatonic in A is (going from low E to high E): 5-8, 5-7, 5-7, 5-7, 5-8, 5-8. so i would, for example, tap from 5 to 7 on the G string, and then add more notes on the scale, so i would go to the 9th fret and then maybe the 12th fret. so i would tap (on the G string): 7 p 5 h 9 p 5 h 12 p 5 etc. this way, i am using the pentatonic scale to stay in key. i hope all that made sense
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When you tap, it's just like playing a guitar solo. Just pick some notes out of the scale that you're using, and tap them to whatever you want. There really are no rules on it. You could even bend a string and then tap down it chromatically while adding vibrato to the said string while it's bent. That creates a cool sounding effect.

I'm not sure on what other people do, but this is the way that I've always looked at tapping. I've also done arpeggios before, but primarily just sweep those or play them slowly, whatever. Usually I won't tap unless it's during a solo.
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^ Bam Page&HammettFan nailed it! Thats what youo gotta do just use scales on one string pretty easy.