may i start this by saying if there is already a thread for this i apologize and just delete this.

anyway ive bene playing for a few months and i have no real formal instruction (one 30 minute session a week at the local music store with an instructor).

i have been grasping things like slapping pretty well but i noticed i always find kmyself rushing through a song or playing with bad timing.

so my question is what is the best way to work on your timing? ive been playing more sheet music lately than tabs and i feel liek thats helping but what else can i do
agreed with the above. metronome all the way. it's boring as hell, but it works.
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A bass teacher I had about 6 years ago told me that, "If you aren't practicing with a metronome you might as well not bother practicing." While this is a little extreme, it's really the way to do it in the begining.
So you don't get bored with just a click or metronome get some drum tracks to play with or jam along with songs. I have a Zoom B2 pedal with 40 drum tracks and it makes for great practice.
A metronome is certainly the best way to go, but even tapping your foot along with what your playing helps.