Im in the market for a new amp/amps. ive been considering a new marshall DSL head and a 4x12 for both dirty and clean, or a combination of a marshall jubilee or jcm 800 for my dirty sounds and then not sure exactly right now what for cleans but most likely a newer fender combo. I guess my question is would a 20 year old+ amp be reliable enough to gig with on a regular basis? Last thing i would want is for it to crap out on me during a gig. Right now im leaning more towards having 2 amps, one dirty one clean, because of the way id like to have my effects setup but im not sure if it would be reliable enough. If not id prolly just go with the DSL. Id be using a vox AD50VT as a backup but its not something id want to have to pull out often in the event of a amp breakdown. If anyone has any other recommendations for a newer versatile amp that can do decent cleans and good distortion im all ears. Price range less than $2500 preferably.
if versitility is the name of the game and 2500 dollars to spend, the mesa mark Iv is the answer. Its a jack of all trades. Cleans voiced(and based off )like a fender and lead channel voiced like a hot rodded marshall(based of a jcm). tighter, clearer less fizzy than the jcm 2000's and way more versitile. From sparkling cleans to SRV to burtual death metal to everything in between this amp does it all. Tube clipping options plus extra on board graphic EQ makes this amp able to do any tone under the sun
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