Lately when im practicing, I get a sharp kind of pain in between the 2nd and 3rd finger. Ive tried taking a break and everything, but it only happens when I play. I googled this but I couldnt find out what it was. Does anyone know?
Are you just getting into guitar? 'Cause I got that too the first couple of months I played, still get it a little now sometimes.
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maybe you get what i get sometimes when i play. When i play chords (especially barre chords) i somehow move the bones in my fingers, not so much as fully dislocating them, but i hear a slight click and they start hurting. But once i pull finger it clicks back and the pain's gone. dunno if that helped you or not
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Nah I dont have that nicodimus. and ive been playing for about a year, so probably have whatever cocacolabottle had, thanks
Sounds like you may have done some tendon damage. Doctor can help you. Bring your guitar to his office, so you can explain.
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