ok, i been playing guitar for a little while and gettin fairly good at it. but now im confused about all the technical stuff going on. like i know what the pickup IS but i have no idea what exactly it does or what the different kinds mean. i only see threads involving real advanced information about this kind of stuff. so can you serious guitar techies out there help me out, i think this thread can really help out some other people who lack the knowledge of what is going on while they play as well. thanks.
like, what does a pickup do, and whats a tube and whats a half-stack. i know this is all n00b **** but can you just brief me on some of the basics for now. i just wanna learn the technical stuff of the guitar. anything you know can help.
A pickup comes in many different forms(single coils, dual coil and piezo), but all 3 basically convert string vibrations into electrical signals that are then passed to your amp.
Single coils are most commonly seen on fender stratocasters and have quite a bit of static noise, but have a nice twangy sound.
, dual coil(or humbuckers) have less static noise and have a fatter, more bassy tone.
Piezos are pretty much free of all static noise but are more for getting a very direct string sound(like you'd expect from an acoustic) and are therefore used most in semi-acoustics.

A tube amp is a type of amp that uses tubes in the circuitry. Look up wikipedia if you really need to know more, but in short the advantage is that tubes are more organic sounding as the sound starts distorting naturally at higher volumes. but they are more expensive than normal solid state amps.

A half stack just means an amp head(which processes the sound) and sends it to one small cabinet that it lies on top of.

any thing else about the guitar? your best bet is to look up wikipedia
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all basic info like that can be found in these two stickies:



try the first one first. it has a section on amps, a section on pickups and a section on pedals.