Hey, Im thinking of buying the Dean ML79F. (the one with the trem) If I was to buy this guitar I'd probably want to hod rod it a bit.

1. Replace the liscensed floyd rose with an original floyd rose

2. Swap out both pickups for better quality ones. For the bridge i was thinking a Dimarzio super distortion and for the neck im not sure.

3. replace all the electronics (maybe)

I play metal and rock mostly with blues on the odd occasion when jamming with certain people. Im really open to any suggestions on pickups. I'm aiming for the ability to have a pantera like tone when fully distorted but I need some decent cleans too. Im very new to guitar hod rodding if you cant tell :P Also how much does a floyd original usually go for and how much do u think the total cost would be on average?
Thanks in advance.

Trying to use this guitar as my targeted look if not sound. I'm just trying to get as close as i can. Dean Lost 100 Number 34 ML Electric Guitar (Trans Cherryburst)
the floyd on that guitar is absolutely fine, IMO, however an original FR costs about 150 usd.

your target has a tune o matic bridge, which is the complete opposite of a floyd rose.

i don't see why you should replace the electronics..they should be decent..

..the pickups are alright, but some tone junkies might find the need ot change them...and i cant help you on that

aslo, having a floyd means you can't downtune well at all.
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