Our rythm guitarist just went to see his family in Italy for a month (he left yesterday night), and we've just got the chance to record some music to put on the internet and stuff, and we were just wondering if it was 'okay' for us to get our lead guitarist to record both parts while he's away..?

We would ask him ourselves, but he hasn't taken his phone with him.

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Record it now, keep original separate so that he can always re-record his part if he wants. Unless your putting it on a cd, you can record it and call it a 'demo' until he re-records his (or just says its fine and doesnt care)
Quote by sam b
it wouldnt bother me if my other guitarist recorded my parts while i was away...

Yeah, I'm a rhythm guitarist as well and I woulnd't mind..

However if he gets upset, just let him record his parts again when he gets back...