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23 59%
10 26%
6 15%
Voters: 39.
If 2 is the western one... then its 2, i love those movies , havnt seen them in a while though
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The Third one without a doubt. ZZ Top, a drunk Doc Brown, gun-slingin' and a train explosion. What more does any film need?!
ive still never seen 2, and it sounds like the best 1
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2, those hover boards are awesome.
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Alot of people say 2 is the worst, I think 3 is the best as it's the one I watched most by far as a kid.
1 is the best. It rocks. 3 is the worst, and I DID NOT say it was bad, so don't hurt me.
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1...I dunno why...alot good scenes ya know, where it all started so to speak.