Hi, my band is playing at a festival, and we have made a set list of song thanks to your guys suggestions . I have been practicing a lot, but I am looking for a song for just myself. Lately, the songs I have been playing are well..not too exciting. Mostly just long repeating verses and chorus with a short solo. I am looking for something that will build my technique in all aspects. I am a upper lower class player(if that even is a level). So basically what I am saying is, I am a decent beginner, that is approaching medium level. I am thinking of playing Crazy Train, since that will teach me to tap, and it is a fairly fast song in some parts. It will help build my technique. I can play songs like Dani California, Californication, Purple Haze, and some medium level riffs. I hope those give you an idea of where I am at.
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master of puppets is great practice.
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Halo by Machine Head . The harmonic in the opening riff was pretty hard for me to get as I had to use ma frickin pinky.Thats about 10 mins long though so but there are a few songs you could probably take from "The Blackening" that are within your time constraints.

One question though, when you say you need a song for yourself do you mean that you want to play it by yourself or do you mean that it's your choice of song on the set list?
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