Well, we can't deny that Top Gun is an awesome movie. Who are your favourite characters? Favourite song on the soundtrack? Discuss

No doubt, best character in anything ever.
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I hate that movie. Ridiculously predictable.
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I hate that movie. Ridiculously predictable.

Everything was predictable in the 80s.
I don't like that clicking thing Iceman does with his teeth though. Goose ftw.

... Anyone?
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Goodness gracious great balls of fire!

Kiss me babyyyyyy wooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooo

Loved that movie.
Best intro to any movie ever.
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Did anyone ever play Top Gun for the NES?

No, but I've seen the "angry nintendo nerd" ranting about how difficult it was to land on the aircraft carrier

I like the movie, favourite character is probably Goose? I have the soundtrack too, which is rare for me. My favourite song on there is...I don't know. The instrumental one that's epic is good, or the danger zone
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ive never seen top gun

Man you haven't lived. I'd say it's pretty much an epic tale of determination, love and despair. It really is that epic.
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