I have a squier thinline tele and it's a really good guitar. One day I was playing guitar and the phone rang so I answered it and just as I was about to hang up I dropped the phone right near the tone controls. So now I have 3 or 4 dings on my teles body. I'm not an expert at painting guitars and I'd lean away from. Any suggestions on what to do?
Leave it that way. scratches and dings give your guitar ccharacter. You should see my tele after 4 years of intens gigging.. I love it
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Leave it but if you really really really hate it I think you can wet sand it smooth but you may have to give it a touch up of lacquer or soemthing it'd be easiest to leave it, the other easier option would be to just give it a full new paint-job.
i hate droped my guitar so many times and it has no dings or dents
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My guitars are the same way. I play at a computer desk and I always accidently bash it of the desk like 4 times a week and I still have no chips or noticeable scratches. I guess Im just lucky...
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Sorry, I forgot to specify, The phone actually took the lacquer and paint off so there are 4 dings where it's just wood.
how does a phone do that? Seriously what kind of 30 pound massive metal plated phone do you have? Anyways...What color is it? Maybe try to find a matching nail polish color or paint a design over it like Jimi Hendrix' V.
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I have so many dents and dings in my guitar. I really like the way it gives the guitar individuality. I accidently burned a big mark into my headstock once with a soldering iron. Don't worry about it.