Me and one of my friends are going to a music store today either Guitar Center or Samash to get him a bass amp and possibly a new bass. I'm a guitarist so I dont really know much about bass and I need your help on what we should look at. Around $600 for both is how much he has to spend a little more would be alright if the stuffs really good. So I'm looking for atleast 3 basses and 3 amps to suggest. Remmeber where going tonight so I need quick replies. thanks alot.

I forgot to mention it need to keep up with acoustic drums....
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Well, with $600 just look at amps I would say. You're not going to get anything good for both with that money. Amp-wise, I will always suggest a Fender Rumble 100 or a Fender Bassman 150. Maybe an Ashdown Electric Blue, I've heard good things or an Ampeg BA115.
ibanez makes a fine bass at good prices. so do ernie ball, but complete different tonal spectrum. fender's got that classic bass feel, but probably not that great for metal. he really just needs to try them out and see what he likes the best.
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The Basses

-Squire Vintage Modified, Jazz or Precision what ever floats his boat.
-If you go used, you might be able get a MIM Fender Jazz or Precision.
- Epiphone of sometype.

The Amps.

-Rumble 60
-Roland Cube-30

A Few More thing to take into account. A good Amp will make the bass sound better. So spend more on the amp than the guitar . And what ever you do don't buy a Behringer Amp.
I would go for either an Ampeg BA-115 or an Ashdown Electric Blue

I own the Ampeg, but you may want more wattage. But it all depends on what bass he has. If he has a MIM Fender or comparable then spend all the money on an amp.
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Wait is this his first amp/bass?

2nd he just started playing again he sold his old stuff for food in college, lol.
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Alright then spend all on an amp.

Right now he was a low end squier I mean its crap its pretty bad when you have a squier and then a low end squier is just horrible.
Spend it all on an amp. I swear to god. Bass+Amp combos are rated form 1-10. You're combo is right now a 2. If you upgrade both you might be able to squeeze out a 2.5 MAYBE a 3. If you buy a new amp with all the money overall the sound quality is going to be 4 could be even 5. A good amp will make a crap bass sound good but a good bass will never make a crap amp sound good.
Jazzy is right, the amp is very important and you should spend a decent amount of money on it. If he doesn't want to spend all his money on an amp I recommend this and this but if he is willing to go for the amp then this and this make a very good amp which will handle gigs well, won't break the bank and it sounds great!
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To put it simple. low end bass + great amp = good sound. High end bass + crappy amp = bad sound.

Buy an entry level ampeg (BA-115) and you will be astonished how well your entry level bass sounds on a great amp. And save up for the bass.
If you choose to go just amp...the Ampeg BA series is really good. I own the BA-210, which I suggest over the 115. But it depends on the sound you're looking for. However, it is a tad more expensive then $600.
I used to own an Electric Blue series from Ashdown. Very, very solid amps. I'd suggest it highly.