Hey all, I recently found a pair of Boss pedals that aren't in production anymore - the Heavy Metal (HM-2) and Phaser (PH-1r) models, one of each. Now I opened them up, them being old, and found it appeared to be all handwired onto a PCB of some sort:

Now i'm no expert on Boss pedals, and these are the only ones I have, so this is a call to UG. If anybody has a Boss pedal that they don't mind opening up and taking a picture + posting it on here, then please do. I'm not forcing you to. I just want to see if modern Bosses are built like this, as these look handwired from the inconsistent soldering. I dunno what Boss's wanrranty-breaking policy or whatever is, but like I said i'm not forcing you to. Any help would be great, I just wanna find out if these pedals I got for free are any good.
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I don't own any pedals, but I just wanted to tell you that you can change your camera's focus settings so up close shots aren't blurry .
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
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I don't own any pedals, but I just wanted to tell you that you can change your camera's focus settings so up close shots aren't blurry .
I know, but I couldn't be arsed. I can't really tell the quality of the photo on the 2" viewing screen, they looked fine on there. When I got em on here I thought they looked passable, not bad enough to warrant bothering to do it all again.
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May I ask, why does it matter?

*The solders look pretty consistent to me, at least from what I can see. Sorry I can't help you out though. My only BOSS pedal is 3,000 miles away right now.
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I have a DS-1 that I'll take a picture of when I get home. ^^ Ill try to post it up here for you.

By the way, that Phaser looks shweet.
I understand that the new Boss pedals are surface-mount components, like in my Bad Monkey - you look inside and it's nothing like all those 'proper' sized resistors and caps, they're all ridiculously tiny.

The solders aren't as consistent on the Phaser - that was the HM-2's circuitboard. If I took a photo of the depth it is more obvious that they aren't particularly consistent.

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I don't have any pictures, but I checked on of my Boss'es and, a it looks like it has about the same soldering as on your picture there, although the PCB is much more complicated.

But my pcb is definately 'dipped'. On the parts of the paths where components are to be soldered, the green protected layer has been removed in order to make the solder stick to only those parts when the entire underside of the pcb is dipped in solder.

From what I can tell, that looks to be the case on yours as well, although I must agree with you that the solders do look a bit sloppy, but this might have to do with inferior technology or technique, and not because of hand soldering. Also, all the points appear to point straight down, which would indicate that the pcb was standing right-side up when solder was applied, which again is consistent with a dipping-style soldering (Yes, I know that the solder tends to stick to the metal-legs of the compontents when soldering (and they usually point straight down), but it's just a bit too straight).

Also, the components appear to be the same size too.
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wait, are you saying you got a free PH-1r? i hate you, i really do. that is THE best boss phaser, and as a phaser lover i want one. so as to your question of if it is any good, why yes it is. i love my ph-2, and ph-1 is supposed to sound better so im sure that it is quite nice.

as for the HM-2, ive heard that people like them. dont know anything about them or anything though.