Well, I've just got the new Roland magazine, and I was wondering which was better. It'll be my first effects set, so I just want to try stuff out, but I'm pretty sure it'll be a while before I upgrade to the single pedals I really need. So which would you consider to be better? I don't play anything too heavy, just indie/alternative banders and artists.

BOSS ME-50 (£145)

BOSS ME-20 (£119)

Thanks guys!
higher numbers, higher quality. ME-50.
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higher numbers, higher quality. ME-50.

Except for Jackson guitars ^_^
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ive wanted a Boss ME-50 since i first started playing guitar, i dont have one yet but still want one, i would highly recommend it.
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ME-50, they rock!
I went to a gig at the cockpit (a well known music club where i live) and the main act was using one.
They're really easy to use and they come with a load of good presets.
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I actually have a BOSS ME-50. Got it about three months ago now, personally I really love it. Lot of choice and variety in the sounds, and the quality is excellent in my opinion. Though I haven't tried the 20 so I can't be 100% certain, but I definitely recommend the 50.

Most guitar shops ought to let you try them out, and my local one has this great guy who shows you all the different sounds you can get on a pedal you might not be familiar with.
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They look like they got pretty much the same features but the ME-50 looks like it would be a lot easier to edit patches but I haven't used either.
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