I've been considering getting a schecter c-1/7 hellraiser.
But now I found the ESP LTD Ec1000


They both have emg 81s but the ltd has 60's and the schecter has 85's.
I usually play lead guitar and i play mostly metal.
They both look great but i'm not sure which one to get. The hellraiser is cheaper though. And whats the difference between the 60's and the 85's
i say hellraiser cause its so sexy and i love schetcers.

but; i pick it because the 85 would give off more of a metal sound from when i heard. 60's kind of give you a clean feeling i guess
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the 85 gives a better distorted lead tone than the 60, but try em both and see which you rpefer
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the ltd will probably have a deeper soud due to its body style. it just depends on your taste. the EMG 60s are more for a clean sound in the neck position.
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Hellraiser FTW!! I absolutely HATE LP ripoffs.

Besides 60s give u a more *bland* sound.
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