Hey guys, I'm thinking about getting a Strat but I really don't know what the difference is between all of them. There are some that are 350 and others that are... expensive. Anyway, I've been looking on craigslist and came across a Fender Mexican Strat MN series. Has anyone ever heard of it? How much would be a good price? Thanks a lot guys.
I used to have a Mexi-Strat. It was a nice guitar and played very nicely. MIM Fenders are great guitars, and with even the slightest upgrades, you can make them sound like $1500 guitars.
dunno about it, but mexican build quality is often an issue.

I tried a Korean Koa seymour duncan fitted one today....very nice. good price between £480 - 600

American standards are nice but i prefer the koa, highway 1's are cool too.
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Save up around £500 and either get a highway one strat or get an MIM strat and upgrade the pickups, tuners and maybe bridge (depending on how cheap you get it)

Or save for an american one (around £700).
i have the new MIM strat, and from what i hear, there have been a lot of upgrades and its way better than its older MIM predecessors.

i think its better if you can get a better quality MIM and just mod it to your specs.

then again, there are MIJ's (see sig )

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Well this guy said he'd sell it to me for $200, I may even get it down to $150. What kind of stuff would I need to upgrade? I don't really know anything about pickups or anything, but like I guess I would say I'm going for a John Mayer sound.
200, buy it...

MIM's are nice guitars...and you could resell it for easyily that much..

Play it first...and I also suggest going to play a new MIM or 2 ( or 3 or 4...the more the better) so you know what it's supposed to feel like...the neck could be wrecked or something else...
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Well this guy said he'd sell it to me for $200, I may even get it down to $150. What kind of stuff would I need to upgrade? I don't really know anything about pickups or anything, but like I guess I would say I'm going for a John Mayer sound.

take it for 200, upgrade pickups and tuners(to locking tuners) They probably sell john mayer signature pickups for 150 also. If youre going to be playing john mayer, you probably wont even be using whammy bar that much, so the stock one will do.
So...get locking tuners, and new pickups, and then you basically have an american strat (except you're missing 1 fret)
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Hm, if I do all that stuff it's basically an American strat... well what if I did all that stuff to just another guitar? Besides the look, would that still kind of be like an American strat? Like what other stuff besides pickups contributes to a good sounding guitar? Thanks.
It's not going to sound like an American Strat but it can get close (keep in mind their are lots of different kinds of Strats.) The quality tends to be decent but play a bunch of them and pick the best. The quality varies a lot from one to the other. I would try to go to a music store and play some so you know what you want and what you are dealing with. I wouldn't feel comfortable buying it off Craiglist.
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Go for a fender made in japan, it's american quality for half the price.
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TS, it's lucky you say you're from philadelphia on your profile, otherwise i'd have never guessed what "350" meant, but MIM strats are decent guitars even by the UK price which i think is equivalent to a MIA strat US price... (I see why american strats cost less in america, the same way burns and gordon-smith guitars are cheaper here)

I have a MIM strat that i got second hand, i don't know if it's upgraded but it has all fender hardware. I thought mine was a steal at £240, you could get a cheaper one brand new in the US i think. I'm totally happy with mine, i don't need another strat.
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Okay, so I just talked to the guy and the serial number is mn9341156. Any clue if this is a piece of **** guitar or not? Thanks.