I feel i am a pretty acomplished play for only playing about 2 years or so, but i still have a question about legato. I can do it pretty well but should i use it? I can play things legato and alternate picking at about the same speed. I often find myself just alternate picking just about everything i play and in most cases where something im playing will ask for a hammer on or pull off i will just pick the notes. Is this a bad habbit to get into or is it nothing to worry about.?
pretty hard to answer, look at two of the greatest shredders ever.

Zakk Wylde-constant alternate picking

DimeBag Darrel-Hell of alot of legato

Its mainly a matter of which feels more comfortable
Legato should be used if you want a smooth, flowing sound, and alternate picking if you want a rigid sound. It all depends on which you prefer, legato will sound better in some situations, picking in others, but it's useful to use legato so save a bit of strain on your picking hand
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as long as you're not using your legato playing as a cop out not to learn alternate picking you'll be fine.

It sounds like you're doing both, so that's great. it just gives you more options.
Is not a bad habbit, but just a another resource to add dynamic to your playing. My advice is to learn both so you can choose whatever you want to play the phrasing that sound best to you or fit better.
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Lots of great players (and damn fast ones) use legato- look at Gilbert and Satriani. Legato isn't cheating, it's just a different method of playing.
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Yea never had anything against legato i did use it a little bit but i sort of thought of it as cheating though because i thought it was more proper to use alternate picking. I just realized that i am MUCH cleaner in my playing when i use legato most of the time. I think i will start using legato more often. But now i have the problem, that i wonder if i am using legato too much? Am i just too worked up about this?
i also use legato far more often in my solos than picking, but thats mainly because i can play legato nearly at the double speed than picking.