I've got a rare genetic cholesteral problem so i gotta stay healthy.

just as well that i like it.
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I like broccoli and fruits and salads and those types of things. Oatmeal and stuff is also good.

I dont normally look at it as "healthy food" but just food. :/
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I love Apples, and a lot of other fruit.. I've been watching what I eat, I want too loose some weight.
Yup =]

Fruit Rocks Group starting ftw
I Love Oreos, And im English =D
I'm so hardcore, i eat like 10 egg whites with 2 eggs on workout days. Protien is a must for losing weight or building muscle
Salmon ... lots and lots of salmon.

I've also been eating whole wheat bagels with light 'garden veggie' cream cheese every day for breakfast for a couple of years. I'm addicted to them now.
Yeah, I eat relatively healthy. Only once in a while will I get the s00per burg3r or something, I try to stick to lean protein and carbs.
Cous cous rules..

Albeit slightly gay..
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i started back in the gym bout a month ago
my diet consists of eggs, chicken, eggs, chicken, apples, broccoli, eggs, chicken, and protein and more protein
oh yeah and water and my only sin coca-cola
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im vegetarian so ya
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my family calls me a "rabbit" because i dont like salads that have dressing or oils on them D=
i like fruit. But i've been trying to give up drinking soda, but i'm have insane headaches.

I love healthy food. It makes me feel so... healthy.
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i started back in the gym bout a month ago
my diet consists of eggs, chicken, eggs, chicken, apples, broccoli, eggs, chicken, and protein and more protein
oh yeah and water and my only sin coca-cola

Just eat normally man...

Not so keen on vegetables and fruit and all that razmitazz. I'll eat it, but I'm big on bread (white) and crisps and ****. I'm still a slim jim but I hate to think what my cholesterol is.
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Avoid wheat products (high in carbs), processed foods (high in sugar), salt (causes you to retain water, obviously not good from a cosmetic standpoint), and obviously avoid fats. Also, eat smaller amounts but eat more frequently as this will keep your metabolism high and you will continue to burn throughout the day.

I pretty much follow the same routine every day, with some minor changes in the food...

1st meal: (breakfast) Usually egg whites (no yolks at all) with a little bit of ham (make sure it's low sodium/low fat). Sometimes it's granola and fat-free/sugar-free yogurt.

2nd meal: Just something light. A piece of fruit, maybe some more of that fat-free/sugar-free yogurt.

3rd meal: (lunch) I usually just boil some edamame and eat that. High in protein and low in everything else. Add salt if you must, but remember what I said about salt...

4th meal: Protein shake. Throw in some skim milk and protein powder in your favorite blender, along with pretty much whatever else you want. I usually put in skim milk, chocolate protein powder, 1/2 of a banana, some almond butter (make sure it's the natural almond/peanut butter, processed nut butters have a lot of sugar), and ground flax seed. Tastes great and very high in protein and the flax-seed gives you some omega-3 amino acids (same thing found in salmon).

5th meal: (dinner) Grilled chicken or fish (salmon and tilapia are great) with green vegetables. Steamed broccoli and aparagus are personal favorites, salads (with fat-free dressings) are also good.

6th meal: (just before bed) Usually a banana, but it's always some sort of fruit.

Between this routine and running 2 1/2 miles most mornings and lifting three days a week, I've lost fifteen pounds this summer but gained a lot of muscle. If anyone has any suggestions as far as how I can improve this, let me know.
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