FOR SALE; 2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60's neck, Cherry burst, mint cond.

>>>>>>>>>>> Price is $1600 shipped. <<<<<<<<<<<<

This is a chance for someone to pick up a great looking Gibson Les Paul for a good price.

Serial number is 003643xx. MADE IN U.S.A.

This guitar has a beautiful FLAMED SUNBUST FINISH. It has has EXCELLENT TONE for all styles of music & AWESOME PLAYABILITY and has recently been serviced by an experienced technician. New strings were added and the guitar has been set up with low action.


Im putting her up for sale b/c I'm looking to build a guitar myself. I love the guitar but right now with my strat as my primary axe I wanna give building and finishing an entire guitar myself a try.

She is a mint 2004 Cherry Sunburst, solid mahogany, 60's slim/fast neck with a beautiful finish which is flawless, ZERO scratches on the body.

I would give this guitar a 9.5 out of 10 simply b/c it cant be given a title of brand new just out of the factory/store.

The flame is great on the guitar, pickguard is installed, strung with 10's and ready to go. This is a great guitar and you can save yourself around 500 at least for a sick LP standard that is as good as a new 1.

If anyone is interested let me know. I also have higher resolution sets of these photos.

You can contact me @


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bumpin this for you, good luck she sure is purty
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dude woudl u be willing to go any lower..very interested.

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yea. sorry bro. Im not really in a crunch to sell her.

I just bought this guitar for $1750 so im allready taking an immediate hit.

Hopefully someone will want to give a Les Paul a home sometime soon.

Thanx for the bump tho.


O yea. and the Vox is brand new. played on it like 2 times.
God I'd love to have this axe. My brother has just about the same model - the flamed top and it plays amazing. I'm just not sure I can fork out 1600 for it. Willing to fancy some trading or fluctuate that price down any? Or maybe some trades + cash
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i think it weighs like 9lbs.

Id be willing to drop the price down if anyone wants to trade some Effects Pedals + Cash.

Im looking for Maxon, Zvex, and Fulltone pedals but feel free to hit with with a pm on what you got, maybe we can work it out.

God that guitar makes me want to pick up electric guitars again. Here's a nice bump for that beauty!

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